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Amidship Updates

Articles on changes and updates to your account

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Getting Started

Your guide to getting your service business up and running with Amidship!

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Account Management

Logging into your account, resetting your password, changing your password, and more.

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Bookings & Schedule

Creating bookings, managing bookings, accessing your schedule, and more.

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Creating bookings, tracking client bookings, adding booking payments, and more.

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Adding your clients, creating client notes, uploading documents, and more.

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Google Calendar Integration

Connecting your Google Calendar, managing your Google Calendar connection, and more.

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Notifications and Reminders

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Payment Methods

Setting up online payments (Paypal and Stripe), collecting payments, and more

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Setting up your business services, adding service details, and more.

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Adding team members, setting up their availability, and more.

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Customizing your website, adding testimonials, promoting your website, and more.

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