Connecting Google Calendar

One of the common tools business owners use to keep track of their schedule is Google Calendar. We want to work with the tools you've already integrated into your business, which is why we allow you to sync your Google Calendar with your Amidship account. This way, we can automatically update your availability on your website to help avoid double-bookings and ensure that any open slots are available for your clients to book online, 24/7.

Connect Google Calendar

  1. On desktop, click on "Settings" on the left-hand menu, OR on mobile, click on "Settings" on the bottom menu bar
  2. Click on "Integrations". Here, you should see a list of our current integrations, including Google Calendar
  3. To connect your Google Calendar, click on the "Activate" button next to this option
  4. Sign into your Google Account or choose the Google account you'd like to connect to Amidship
  5. Click on the “Allow” button after reading the permission requirements
  6. Once the sync is complete, you should be able to see Amidship appointments in your Google Calendar, and vice versa. You should also find that any booked time slots in your Google Calendar are no longer available to be booked on your website.

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