Making an online booking

Once you've set up your website and services, we recommend creating a test booking through your website. This gives you an idea of what the booking process will look like for your clients.

To make on online booking through your website:

  1. Navigate to your website when logged into your Amidship account
  2. Click on the "Book Now" button at the top
  3. Pick a service and service provider, if applicable
  4. Pick a date and time
  5. Verify your booking details then click on "Book it"
  6. Choose your payment method and complete the booking

What happens during an online booking?

  1. Your client will be required to create an account on your website to complete their booking. They can use this account to view and manage existing bookings, create new bookings, and make payments. Read more under Client Accounts
  2. Amidship will create a corresponding client profile under the "Clients" tab in your admin using the contact information provided by the client during sign up
  3. Once an online booking is completed, Amidship will send an automated email and text confirmation to both you and your client
  4. You should see the booking appear in the admin in the "Bookings" section, the "Sales" section, and the "Clients" section under the client profile created

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