Growing your business with Amidship (Checklist)

We've spent some time working closely with a number of our current business owners who've been able to grow their business since they started using Amidship. Based on the information they shared with us, and their website statistics we've collected, we came up with this checklist of things to do to make sure you're getting the most out of your Amidship account. We'll keep updating this list as we get more information and data.

Review your Services

Ensure that your services and pricing are up-to-date and are arranged as you would like on your website. This is one of the first sections potential clients visit on your website so be sure to provide enough information about each service you offer in the service details. Read more about  Adding Your Services.

Fill in the FAQ Section

You now have the option to enter up to 10 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on your website. We've noticed that potential clients spend more time browsing websites that have well thought-out and answered FAQs. The more you can do to reduce your client's concerns and answer their questions upfront, the better the chances of them booking an appointment with you. Read more about  Adding Your FAQs.

Personalize your About Section

Make sure you fill in your "About" section and be sure to make it as personal or human as possible. Use the section introduce yourself and give potential clients information about the value you provide them. What inspired your business? What are your qualifications? What makes you different? Read more about  Customizing Your Website.

Collect Client Testimonials

Another thing we’ve noticed is that clients read through testimonials as they’re browsing websites. In fact, 72% of people say that reading positive client reviews increases their trust in a business. Start collecting testimonials from your current clients or people who can vouch for you. If you already have testimonials or reviews, add them to your website! Read more about Adding a Testimonial

Review your Contact Information

You’ll notice that your contact information appears at the bottom of your website; make sure that it's entered correctly.  While a number of potential clients do use the contact form, they might want to speak to you directly. If you phone number isn’t correct, please let me know the correct number and I’ll edit that for you. Read more about Adding your contact information

Market your Website

This is one of the most important points our current business owners have noted. Given that it takes sometime for your website to get indexed by Google, it's important that you share your website. When posting your services on platforms like Facebook and Kijiji, be sure to add your website link to your post and direct potential clients to your website. Having an online presence helps make you look more professional. Additionally, your potential clients will have direct access to more information about your services, as well as your availability, so they can book you immediately. Today, most traffic to websites under Amidship come from Social Media sites and direct links.

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