Adding travel time and travel costs to your service

As a service provider, you might offer mobile services at your clients' preferred locations. In some cases, you may want to charge extra to cover the travel cost. And in most cases, you'll want to ensure you have enough time between appointments to travel to your next location. We therefore recommend adding the extra time and cost when creating your services.

If I offer both mobile and home-based services, how do I add the additional travel cost and time for mobile bookings?

We would recommend creating separate instances of the same service: one at-home, and one mobile

Multiple Services

So, for example, if you offer drum lessons at your home studio and also give the option of teaching at your students' homes, you can create two services: 1 Hour Drum Lessons (In Studio) and 1 Hour Drum Lessons (At Student's Home). 

You should then make the minimum cost and minimum duration for the "1 Hour Drum Lessons (At Student's Home)" service higher to account for travel time and travel cost.

Service Details

Please be sure to use the service details section to indicate why there is a price and time difference between the two services offered e.g. "Extra cost charged to cover travelling costs".

Check out our guide for more information on Adding Your Services. Otherwise, here are some examples we created to give you examples of how you can structure your services:

Notice that the pricing and time for the second service are higher, and the reason for this is indicated in the service details.

We hope this helps you organize your services!

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