Linking your social media accounts

Social media plays a big part in many businesses. Having a social media presence is a great way to build audiences and engage clients around your offering. It also acts as a complement to your website - which is your main online presence. It therefore makes sense to connect the two. This way, your clients can easily access you through whichever platform resonates with them the most! Linking your accounts can also boost your business' discoverability online!

Once you link a social media account to Amidship, we'll automatically add a corresponding social media button to the footer of your website. This allows visitors to your website to quickly access your social media pages.

Amidship add social media buttons

Add a social media account

  1. On desktop, click on “Business” on the left-hand menu, OR, on mobile, click on "Business" on the bottom menu bar
  2. Click on "Social Media" 
  3. To link a social media account, simply enter your username next to the corresponding URL. 
  4. Once you've added all your profiles, click on "Save"
  5. Navigate to your website footer and test the links to make sure they direct you to the right page

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