Collecting Client Reviews

Positive reviews increase the chances of making a sale by 87%, so we wanted to go a step further to help you collect client reviews. To do so, we've now added the ability to ability to automatically follow up with your clients with a review request.

How exactly do automatic review requests work?

Automatic review requests will help you gather more reviews for your website, and also get helpful feedback about your services. Please note that these requests will only be sent to clients who have an email address in their client profile.

  1. 24 hours after a booking is completed, we'll send an automated email on your behalf asking your client for a review on the service they received.
  2. To submit a review, your client simply needs to reply to the review request email.
  3. If the client replies to the email with a review, the response will be sent to you directly

Here's an example of what the automatic review request looks like:

Review request example:

Review request email - Amidship

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